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Pasta Pick (Full)

Customize your dish! Choose one type of pasta and one type of sauce. Add protein from below if you wish and now you've created your very own pasta dish!

Pick a Pasta:Fettuccine Linguine Penne Spaghetti Gluten Free Penne +$3Gluten Free Spaghetti +$3
Select Your Sauce (Full):Traditional Marinara +$13Meat +$15Olive Oil & Garlic +$13Spicy Arrabiata +$13Alfredo +$15Blush +$15Garlic Alfredo +$15Red Pepper Pesto +$15Basil Pesto +$15
Pasta Protein(s):Chicken Breast +$8Chicken Parmigiana +$9.50Jumbo Sautéed Garlic Shrimp (5) +$12Grilled Salmon +$14
Pasta Protein(s) 3.50 each:Meatball Beef +$3.50Plant-Based Sausage Link +$3.50Sweet Pork Sausage Link +$3.50