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Stuffed Pasta (Petite)

Customize your dish! Choose one type of stuffed pasta and one type of sauce. Add protein from below if you wish.

Pick a Stuffed Pasta:Cheese Manicotti Veal Cannelloni Beef Lasagna Cheese Lasagna Beef Ravioli Cheese Ravioli Beef & Cheese Ravioli Beef Tortellini Cheese Tortellini Beef & Cheese Tortellini
Select Your Sauce (Petite):Traditional Marinara +$10Meat +$12Spicy Arrabiata +$10Olive Oil & Garlic +$10Alfredo +$12Garlic Alfredo +$12Blush +$12Red Pepper Pesto +$12Basil Pesto +$12
Pasta Protein(s):Chicken Breast +$8Chicken Parmigiana +$9.50Jumbo Sautéed Garlic Shrimp (5) +$12Grilled Salmon +$14
Pasta Protein(s) 3.50 each:Meatball Beef +$3.50Plant-Based Sausage Link +$3.50Sweet Pork Sausage Link +$3.50